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Is your company an Island of Excellence?

Does it get the most out of every employee, manager, and executive?

Can your organization's culture adapt to the ever-changing business world through innovation, improvement, and creativity?

Island of Excellence is a “teaching novel” that takes readers on a two-fold diving expedition that explores the depths of the ocean and the barriers to corporate and personal creativity. Invaluable business insights merge with an entertaining adventure as a cast of nine colorful characters attends a life-altering dive workshop aboard the 120-foot ship Origin. While scuba diving the breathtaking coral reefs of Papua New Guinea, they are challenged to push their organizations to higher levels of performance, understand the nature of cultural change, and find authentic meaning and significance in their work.

One or more of their stories will be your story, but most important… Understanding your organization's culture, how the creative process gets “stopped up”, and learning how to harness the power of culture and creativity can lead you and your company to become an Island of Excellence.

Workshops, Classes, and Tools

In the wake of the economic downturn, companies are focused on nagging questions like, How do I maximize shareholder value? How do I please customers, increase profits, and gain competitive advantage in the current business environment? Post September 11, 2001, employees in these same organizations have been brutally confronted with questions like, “How do I make a living that supports my lifestyle and find a sense of meaning and significance in my work? Will pouring my heart and soul into this job, prevent me from discovering my unique calling in life?”

Where do you turn next?

Learn more about how you can turn your organization into an Island of Excellence in a sea of mediocrity using these powerful workshops, classes, tools, and other educational services.

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Mark Bodnarczuk is the Founder and Executive Director of the Breckenridge Institute® - a management consulting firm that is focused on organizational transformation.

Mark Bodnarczuk has published widely in the areas of corporate culture and leadership development and is also the author of, Diving In: Discovering Who You Are In the Second Half of Life and Making Invisible Bureaucracy Visible: A Guide to Assessing and Changing Organizational Culture.

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