Island of Excellence explores and maps out the interdependence of personality type and organizational culture - how people (at all levels) unwittingly project their own viewpoints and values onto organizations and undermine the creative process. The author’s practical insights are an essential contribution to the study of the Enneagram in the business world.

Don Riso and Russ Hudson, best selling authors, The Wisdom of the Enneagram

A must-read for business executives who have to gain a competitive advantage. Told in a story format, you'll be drawn in by vivid word pictures of the underwater world and the drama of interpersonal conflict, then suddenly find the characters articulating insights and solutions to problems you're facing in your organization. These innovative strategies for building creativity in organizations have application for most businesses.

Lee Synnott, former Chairman and CEO, Ingram Book Group

A creatively written, entertaining “how to” book that deeply stimulated me personally and professionally. Using Jungian and Enneagram models, the author gives fresh insights into our mental processes, interpersonal relationships, and how often we block our own creativity and the creativity of those around us. This book is a novel way to re-create yourself and transform your organization into an Island of Excellence!

Margaret Hartzler, Ph.D., President, Type Makes a Difference, Inc.

Island of Excellence uses a diving adventure to illustrate the key principles of building a high-performing business environment that encourages the creative process in all employees. At times, I wasn’t sure if I was reading a Clive Cussler adventure or a Harvard Business School textbook. Thoroughly enjoyable and insightful!

Henry G. Louis Jr., Director of Sales, Advanced Glass Industries

Interesting, well developed, and challenging - this book is a winner!! The basic theme is that as organizations are made up of people whose behavior is governed by their personality, changing organizational culture requires that we recognize how personality can be our greatest ally or worst enemy. Knowing who you are as a leader, and knowing the people you lead, is essential to the success of the change-journey. Every leader in both the public and private sectors will find the lessons in Island of Excellence essential to harnessing the creative power of their greatest asset – their employees.

Paul J. Seligman, MD, MPH, Director, Office of Pharmacoepidemiology and Statistical Science, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Bodnarczuk takes us on the exciting journey of learning the principles of creative thinking and the creative process itself. He gives leaders, managers, and workers a road map for building high-performing teams and organizations – for becoming an Island of Excellence in a sea of mediocrity. Your organization will benefit enormously from this book.

Rick Brodie, President, TCD Corporation

Island of Excellence is a gripping and sensitive “real fiction” novel that applies a new understanding of creativity to the critical problem of organizations in society. Mark Bodnarczuk molds the personal and organizational experiences of his nine characters into a must-read book for anyone who strives for excellence and fulfillment at work in a post-911 world.

Lillian Hoddeson, Ph.D. author, True Genius: The Life and Science of John Bardeen

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